Hi! I’m Darren Rice, thanks for stopping by Radial Drilling Consultants.

I was a co-founder of Texas based Radial Drilling company Zero Radius Laterals in 2010, who I then successfully merged with Coal Bed Methane Innovations (CBMI), of Brisbane Australia in 2016, to create V2H International Pty Ltd. I was the CEO – Director of V2H International.

During this time, I was responsible for creating an Australian Subsidiary, V2H Australia, which completed a significant capital raise, and secured (and deployed) commercial contracts with Australian Oil & Gas operators.

In 2017 V2H International applied for, and was awarded, a $1,000,000 federal government commercialisation grant, which was a personal highlight in a long and successful business career.

I was also responsible for the creation of V2H Canada, forging strong relationships with several individuals, operators and key organisations affiliated with the Oil & Gas industry in Calgary, Canada.

Having been actively involved in the emerging Radial Drilling industry for over a decade, raising millions of dollars, and having worked on wells across the world including Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Australia, I have now established my own Radial Drilling consultancy business.

There is no doubt that Radial Drilling could be the next ‘step change’ technology for the Oil & Gas industry, and there are several competing companies, with different technologies and service offerings, these include:

• Viper Drill
• Radial Drilling Services
• V2H International
• V2H Australia
• Radjet
• Buckman
• Well Enhancement Services

I have a unique insight into each of these businesses, their history’s and their technology offerings.

link to my Radial Drilling Consultants Website